Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

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Feature Film 2020


A brand-new documentary chronicling the cinematic career of the great Norman J. Warren, low budget indie filmmaker extraordinaire. With insight from many of the people who worked with him as well as the man himself, it’s a fascinating insight into filmmaking in the ’70s.

Director: Calum Waddell / Starring: Norman J. Warren, David McGillivray, Peter Walker, Kim Newman, Jennifer Ashley


Darkness looms over a small town where Samantha, a troubled teen is desperate to fit into her latest foster family. Things take a turn for the worse when Sam neglects to look after her younger foster sister Olivia and she vanishes in a deep and forbidding forest.

Desperate, Sam must do whatever she can to get Olivia back, but the forest is full of secrets, dangerous and old. With time running out, Sam must unravel the mystery before an ancient evil destroys her new family from within.

Director: Jeremy Lutter / Screenplay: Ben Rollo / Starring: Jessica McLeod, Hannah Cheramy


Everyone knows Ryan Sterling and Amara Giovanni. The world’s most talented actors. Everyone wants to be them, or be with them. Far from the lights of Hollywood, Ryan and Amara awake, bound and bruised, with no inkling of where they are.

Unable to move they are at the mercy of those who adore them the most; their fans. Prepare for a covertly twisted, completely insatiable, covetous, deranged adventure. All wrapped up in a beautiful shell.

Actor Francesca Louise White won the STARBURST Fantasy Award for Best Performance in 2018.

Directors & Sceeenplay: Rodeo & Daniel Strange / Starring: Marcus Davis-Orrom, Francesca Louise White, Candice Palladino, Ricardo Freitas


Chester Mapleforth had a dream. A dream where he could live the life he always wanted. A life where he could cave in the skulls of those who had wronged him, shunned him, perhaps brought him the wrong milk delivery or parked too close to his car. The little things really can matter.

After inventing the underwater post-it note, he found himself indescribably wealthy, and it wasn’t long before he started to invest in a little plot of land… then a little bit more… then a lot of bits more. Soon, the lovely village of CHESTERSBERG was born! A place like no other, free from the rules and laws of the outside world. In Chestersberg, this quaint setting deep in the dark and rural depths of Yorkshire, murder was made legal and before he knew it, he had scores of like-minded neighbours, all murdering to their heart content.

But now… it’s time to expand. To raise the gates and open up to the world.

We will have the director and members of the cast in attendence, including Andrew Lee Potts (Primeval)

Director: Jamie McKeller / Screenplay: Jamie McKeller, Alexander King / Starring: Andy Love, Andrew Lee Potts, Alexander King, Joe Osbourne, Rosy Rowley


Finn Galloway is a psychologist that has become obsessed with one of his patients, a young woman who had been terrified of a sinister owl-headed entity called the Owlman. His investigations bear little fruit until he learns of a former ballerina named Elisa Grey, who has sequestered herself at the Baldurrock Estate with only her guardian Lorena Velasco for company. Finn discovers that Elisa suffers from identical fears, which prompts him to begin treating her in hopes of uncovering the truth – only to find that this will likely bring him face to face with the terrifying Owlman.

Directed by Lawrie Brewster (Automata), this follow-up to his hit debut Lord of Tears will be screened in colour for the first time. Lawrie and writer Sarah Daly will be attending.


Poster art by Graham Humphreys

A LITTLE MORE FLESH (World Premiere)

Stanley Durall, the notorious director of a series of intense erotic dramas, is returning to his debut movie, God’s Lonely Woman, to provide an audio commentary for the film’s first Blu-ray release since it was banned in the 1970s. It’s clear from his commentary that Stanley committed a series of transgressions against his lead actresses during production, transgressions which had serious consequences for everyone involved – everyone except him. But will he finally be punished for his past behaviour?

The second film by Sam Ashurst (Frankenstein’s Creature), A Little More Flesh is a bold and incendiary exploration of misogyny and the male gaze.

Starring: Elf Lyons (Edinburgh Comedy Award finalist), Hazel Townsend (Philippe Gaulier graduate), Dane Baptiste (Sunny D, Live At The Apollo), Gabriel Thomson (My Family), Rob Kemp (The Elvis Dead), and James Swanton (Frankenstein’s Creature).

We’re delighted to host the World Premiere of Sam Ashurst’s sophomore film. Both Sam and co-writer/star Elf Lyons will be in attendance.