Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

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Guests 2020

Guest: Dez Skinn


A genuine titan of publishing, Dez Skinn is the reason we’re here. In 1977, he created STARBURST and went on to be head of Marvel UK, launching Doctor Who Weekly (now Monthly) – the longest-running TV tie-in magazine.

Whether it’s House of Hammer, MAD UK, Warrior, or Comics International, there’s a good chance if you’re of a certain age, you’ll have read Dez’s work. The multi-award-winning Warrior also introduced the ever-popular V for Vendetta.

Dez is an ever-entertaining raconteur who we’re always pleased to welcome home.

Guest: Laurence R. Harvey

Laurence R. Harvey is an actor who has made his mark on the horror genre in the past decade. Bursting on the scene with Tom Six’s The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), playing the lead role of Martin, the troubled car park attendant obsessed with Six’s first ‘Pede film. He also brilliantly played a different character in the third movie. As well as appearing in shorts such as Call Girl (Jill Gevargizian, 2014) and features like The Editor (2014, Astron 6), My Bloody Banjo (2015, Liam Regan), Frankenstein Created Bikers (2016, James Bickert).

We’re delighted to have Laurence back with us following his popular appearance at our first festival. This year, we’re honoured to have Laurence provide a live commentary to The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) for the first time ever! Expect lots of behind the scenes nuggets and some very irreverent humour. It goes without saying, this won’t be for the faint of heart!

Guest: Norman J. Warren (cancelled)

Note: Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Norman will be unable to attend. He sends his regards and best wishes and hopes to join us at a later festival.

We’re delighted that director Norman J. Warren has agreed to attend the STARBURST International Film Festival 2020. His films encapsulate the low budget independent ethos that we celebrate so much. From his work in the ’60s with films such as Her Private Hell, to his David McGillivray-penned works Satan’s Slave and Terror, and the superb Prey and Inseminoid, he is truly influential and is full of great stories of indie filmmaking and whose knowledge is invaluable.
We’ll be screening the new documentary on Norman’s work as well as Inseminoid.

Guest: Graham Humphreys

Graham Humphreys is a London-based (West Country born) illustrator and designer specialising in the horror genre. Since leaving college in 1980, Graham has been freelance. His career found its footing with the UK poster for The Evil Dead, followed a couple of years later with the UK poster for A Nightmare on Elm Street. During the 1980s, he worked on many video covers (including The Return of the Living Dead, Creepers, and The Kindred) for companies such as Palace Pictures. In the 1990s, as illustration fell out of favour, Graham’s work with Tartan Films and Tartan Video bridged the gap until Arrow Video and Death Waltz records pioneered a new era of illustrated covers, bringing wider exposure and a renewed interest in original art. Current commissions include LP box sets, Blu-ray covers, private commissions, and special event posters. In November 2019, a book of artwork Hung, Drawn, Executed was published by Korero Press ( Graham has always regarded his work as a marriage of Punk Rock and Hammer Horror, no greater demonstration of this than his poster for The Damned’s 2019, London Palladium event A Night of a Thousand Vampires.

We're delighted that Graham will be joining us for the festival and will be taking part in a Q&A about his work and process.

For more information, head to Graham's website:


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