Starburst Media City Festival

Starburst Media City Festival

Starburst Media City Festival

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1990. Fantastic and fun old-style monster movie with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as a pair of handymen who uncover tentacle snake-like creatures in the Nevada desert.

1977. One to give a miss if you suffer from arachnophobia! One of the most memorable ‘man vs. nature’ films, particularly thanks to the star turn from William Shatner.

1972. A way ahead of its time eco-sci-fi film starring Bruce Dern and director Douglas Trumbull, famous for the three robot drones Huey, Dewey, and Louie and breaking the hearts of hardened sci-fi fans the world over.

1956. Ed Wood’s legendary sci-fi film is often cited as one of the worst ever made. We beg to differ, and are quite prepared to revel in its glorious flaws. Famously Bela Lugosi’s last film.

1988. A genuine cult classic and a hell of a lot of fun with the most distinctive popcorn-shooting aliens ever. The theme tune by The Dickies is just as memorable.

1979. Aldo Lado, best known for his giallo films, directed this Italian Star Wars rip-off (complete with Vader-esque helmets), which boasts a great cult cast - including Richard Kiel, Barbara Bach, and Arthur Kennedy – and a score by Ennio Morricone.

1980. Produced by Roger Corman to cash-in on the Star Wars phenomenon, this updating of The Magnificent Seven set in space stars Robert Vaughn and John Saxon, who both appeared in the classic Western as well as ‘John-Boy Walton’ Richard Thomas, ‘Face’ George Peppard, and the amazingly costumed Sybil Danning.

1975. A pre-Miami Vice Don Johnson stars in this downbeat but amusing post-apocalyptic nightmare, which presents a future that isn’t too far away. The original promotional material dubbed it ‘an R-rated, rather kinky tale of survival’; who are we to disagree.

1997. Paul W. S. Anderson’s ambitus sci-fi horror film has rightfully built up a cult following since its release. Stars Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill.

2017. This recent thriller you may have missed is an unconventional but terrifying kidnap drama set in the suburbs of Australia. Director Ben Young’s next film is the eagerly-awaited Extinction.

2016. A roaring success on the festival circuit and a hit with the STARBURST crew, this is a wild and crazy shocker that might be for everyone but if you have a John Waters sensibility, you’ll love it.

1997. Eugenics, space travel, identity theft and murder in this intelligent sci-fi starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, and Jude Law.

1980. Ken Russell’s bold sci-fi horror baffled audiences on its initial release and still divides them now, as do most of the notorious director’s films. Starring William Hurt and Bob Balaban.

A Surprise Screening to open the festival.


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