Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

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Short Film: KINDRED

Two brothers go deep into the woods to investigate strange singing in the middle of the night. Even more disturbing, the voice is a child. The truth they find will change their lives forever.

Director: Andrew Lee Potts / Screenplay: Tamara Al-Bassam, Andrew Lee Potts / Starring: Joseph Millson, Andrew Lee Potts

Andrew Lee Potts will be in attendance and will be introducing the film.


We’re delighted to have star Laurence R. Harvey join us for a once-in-a-lifetime live commentary for this controversial and undeniably shocking film. We’re sure Laurence’s insights and humour will make this a must-see event. Not for those easily offended, naturally! We also plan to show the rarely-seen colour version for added viseral effect!

Director & Screenplay: Tom Six / Starring: Laurence R. Harvey, Ashlynn Yennie, Maddi Black.

Guest: Dez Skinn


A genuine titan of publishing, Dez Skinn is the reason we’re here. In 1977, he created STARBURST and went on to be head of Marvel UK, launching Doctor Who Weekly (now Monthly) – the longest-running TV tie-in magazine.

Whether it’s House of Hammer, MAD UK, Warrior, or Comics International, there’s a good chance if you’re of a certain age, you’ll have read Dez’s work. The multi-award-winning Warrior also introduced the ever-popular V for Vendetta.

Dez is an ever-entertaining raconteur who we’re always pleased to welcome home.


Alone on an isolated farm, a stubborn young woman fights to come to terms with her multiple sclerosis diagnosis with the help of a fugitive from another world.

Director & Screenplay: Jonathan Reid-Edwards / Starring: Fiona Hampton, George Taylor, Nathalie Cox, Nathan Wiley, Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton, Natalie Thomas, Andrei Nova, Andrey Rogozin, Malcolm Ridley, Lucy Sheen, Johnny Vivash


Based on a novella by Thomas de Quincey (Confessions of an Opium Eater) and fueled by visions of ’60s gialli, Those Who Deserve To Die is a thriller that subverts the formula of the revenge film, following its “hero” as he enacts a series of brutal crimes in the name of justice—without sharing with the viewer why these heinous acts are being committed. Goaded by the cold-hearted spirit of his dead ten-year-old sister Berenice, Jonathan wades into ever-deepening, ethically muddier water—not just punishing the guilty but extinguishing their bloodlines.

Director & Screenplay: Bret Wood / Starring: Joe Sykes, Alice Lewis, Lynn Lowry, Rachel Frawley


In 1960s England, Blake Cunningham and his alcoholic mother are forced to move into the mysterious Clemonte Hall, a vast isolated manor house, to care for his dying Grandfather who resides in the attic room. Soon, ghostly goings-on fill the house with dread, as it becomes apparent Grandfather’s illness may have a supernatural cause that can only be cured by uncovering the terrifying secrets of the house and its dark history.

Director & Screenplay: Charlie Steeds / Starring: David Lenik, Tessa Wood, Jéssica Alonso, Barrington De La Roche, Emma Spurgin Hussey


Halloween 1986: In the small English seaside town of Mellow Coast Emily (Hannah Paterson) is trying to discover the truth behind her father’s disappearance 10 years earlier, but as she searches for answers, and she gets closer to the truth, her friends start getting picked off one-by-one by an unknown killer. Horror/Comedy that emulates the ’80s VHS style.

Featuring Dani Thompson, Martin W Payne and Michael Fausti, with a cameo from Troma Entertainment legend Lloyd Kaufman.

When bloody murder comes to Mellow Coast this Halloween, I’ll scream, you’ll scream, we’ll all SCREAM ON THE BEACH!

Director & Screenplay: Alex Churchyard, Michael Holiday / Starring: Dani Thompson, Reis Daniel, Martin W. Payne, Lloyd Kaufman, Leigh Trifari



The Landing