Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

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Short Film: ENDS MEAT

Director: Helen Lyons-Curran / Screenplay: Kris Heys / Starring: Mark Vanhendrijk, Christopher Faith, Michael Birtwistle.

Desperate to do right by his children, a debt-ridden taxi driver has just one night left to deliver on a lucrative, yet sinister promise. Written by STARBURST’s very own Kris Heys.


Director: Lawrie Brewster / Screenplay: Sarah Daly / Starring: Alexandra Hulme, Erich Redman, Jon Vangdal Aamaas.

Antique expert Brendon Cole is sent to authenticate a 300-year-old clockwork doll with notorious history, aka ‘The Inferno Princess’. In the remote Scottish mansion where it was discovered, Brendon soon finds himself the victim of the automaton’s legendary curse.

Director Lawrie Brewster returns with another stunning literate horror film. English Premiere.


Directors: Sophia Cacciola, Michael J. Epstein / Screenplay: Jeremy Long, Michael J. Epstein / Starring: Amanda Colby Stewart, Brandi Aguilar, Seth Chatfield.

A college student who will do just about anything for Internet fame is kidnapped by a fan, and her reluctant roommate is the only one who can save her in this horror satire of popularity culture. UK Premiere.


Director: D.C. Hamilton / Screenplay: Brinna Kelly / Starring: Gino Anthony Pesi, Brinna Kelly, Jason Stuart.

When a charming fare named Penny climbs into his taxi cab, Harris, her world-weary driver, finds himself engaged in the only kind of courtship he can have with a passenger — one that lasts as long as her trip. That is, right up until she disappears from the back seat without a trace. When confusion gives way to reality, he resets his meter and is instantaneously transported back to the moment when she climbed into his cab. As he and Penny find themselves trapped in an endless night time cab ride, with only each other for company, secrets will be revealed, truths will come to light, and Harris’ entire life will be changed forever.


Director: Calum Waddell / Starring: Daniel Yee Heng Chan, Kwok-Leung Gan, Godfrey Ho, Josie Ho.

A fascinating insight into the notorious period of Chinese cinema history in which the most extreme exploitation movies of the time caused ructions with the establishment. From the likes of Men Behind the Sun to Ebola Syndrome and Dream Home, no stone is left unturned. A variety of high profile talking heads guide us through the controversy.


Director: David Gilbank / Screenplay: David Gilbank, Gemma Head, Paul Renhard / Starring: Jo Mousley, Sid Akbar Ali, Jamie Cymbal, Pushpinder Chani, Kevin Curtin, Polly Lister.

We screened the original Polterheist short at our first festival, and a teaser for this feature-length version last year, so it only makes sense that we show the movie this year.
A brilliant mix of comedy, gangsters, and ghosts await as a pair of criminals attempt to find some hidden money with the help of a medium.



Director: Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz / Screenplay: Joe Ritter / Starring: Mitch Cohen, Andree Maranda, Jennifer Babtist, Cindy Manion.

Tromaville has a new saviour. Put-upon mop boy Melvin becomes a mutated superhero after falling into a vat of toxic waste. A gory and hilarious riot that has become a genuine cult classic.


Director: Lloyd Kaufman / Screenplay: Travis Campbell, Derek Dressler, Lloyd Kaufman, Gabriel Friedman / Starring: Asta Paredes, Catherine Corcoran, Zac Amico, Vito Trigo, Lloyd Kaufman, Babette Bombshell.

All hell’s breaking loose at Tromaville High School as the neighbouring food supplier Tromorganic (built on the site of a former nuclear power station) is tainting the students lunches.

Not seen the first film? Don’t worry, there’s a handy recap at the start to get you up to date. Expect full frontal nudity, gross-out gags, gore and mutant baby duck things… you have to see it to believe it – but expect to be offended! Watch out for a crowd-pleasing appearance from a certain late Marvel legend and metal god.


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