Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

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Howard the Duck (1986)

Director: Willard Huyck / Screenplay: Willard Huyck, Gloria Katz / Starring: Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins.

The Marvel comic adaptation and flop-cum-cult-classic, Howard the Duck will be screening at this year’s SIFF.

A sarcastic humanoid duck is pulled from his home world to Earth where he must stop a hellish alien invasion with the help of a nerdy scientist and a cute struggling female rock singer who fancies him.


Lifeforce (1985)

Director: Tobe Hooper / Screenplay: Dan O’Bannon, Don Jakoby / Starring: Steve Railsback, Mathilda May, Peter Firth.

A race of space vampires arrives in London and infects the populace, beginning an apocalyptic descent into chaos.

The late Tobe Hooper’s Lifeforce has increased in popularity since its release and rightfully so – it’s a great sci-fi horror treat.

Mandy (2018)

Director: Panos Cosmatos / Screenplay: Panos Cosmatos, Aaron Stewart-Ahn / Starring: Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache

We are delighted to be screening psychedelic action horror film Mandy at this year’s fest. The already cult classic got a limited cinema release last year, so be sure to catch it here!

The enchanted lives of a couple in a secluded forest are brutally shattered by a nightmarish hippie cult and their demon-biker henchmen, propelling a man into a spiralling, surreal rampage of vengeance.

The Muppet Movie (1977)

Director: James Frawley / Screenplay: Jack Burns, Jerry Juhl / Starring: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson.

The first, and some would argue the best of the Muppet films sees Kermit and his newfound friends trek across America to find success in Hollywood, but a frog legs merchant has his eyes on our green-skinned hero.


Prophecy (1979)

Director: John Frankenheimer / Screenplay: David Seltzer / Starring: Talia Shire, Robert Foxworth.

Good old fashioned monster movie scares abound in this forgotten seventies ‘classic’.

A log company’s waste mutates the environment, creating a giant killer bear-monster. You’ve probably seen the poster – but have you seen the film? Now’s your chance.


Baskin (2015)

Director: Can Evrenol / Screenplay: Ogulcan Eren Akay, Can Evrenol, Ercin Sadikoglu, Cem Özüduru / Starring: Mehmet Cerrahoglu, Görkem Kasal, Ergun Kuyucu.

What should be a routine night on patrol becomes a trip into the darkness of the mind and soul for a squad of unsuspecting cops in this tour-de-force feature debut from the ferociously talented director Can Evrenol. Catch the Turkish horror film as part of this year’s SIFF.

Short Film: Parlour Tricks

Director & Screenplay: Tristan Risk / Starring: Gidget Gravedigger, Emma Elrich, Tyler Nichols, and Sean Covernton.

It’s the 1920s, and a family are looking to get to the bottom of their inheritance by holding a séance, with unexpected results. Written and directed by cult actor Tristan Risk (American Mary, Frankenstein Created Bikers), this is a fun one!

Short Film: 42 Counts

Director & Screenplay: Jill Gevargizian / Starring: Andrea Dover, Najarra Townsend, Sam Williamson.

Two friends settle down for a night of scary films in their rented apartment when they uncover something much more terrifying than any film. We have previously screened Jill’s shorts Call Girl (at a special event at FAB Cafe in Manchester, with Jill and star Laurence R. Harvey in attendance) and The Stylist and are delighted to include her latest at this year’s festival.


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