Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

Starburst International Film Festival

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Orphaned at the age of eleven, Giltrude, an interdimensional shut-in, has waited fifteen years for her parents to come home. When a life or death dilemma comes knocking, Giltrude must look beyond her front door and learn to face the outside universe.

Director: Jeremy Lutter / Screenplay: Marcy Waughtal / Starring: Kacey Rohl, Liam Hughes, Priscilla Faia, Jesse Hutch, Kennedi Clements

Short Film: SNORE

Hard nosed businesswoman Karen has gone bankrupt yet again, forcing her and Callum, her toyboy lover/ PA to stay in a grotty halfway house. A strange noise catches their attention in the middle of the night, leading them into a battle for survival with “the Jip”. Who will survive and, most importantly, what will be left of Callum’s designer manbag?

Director: Luther Bhogal-Jones / Screenplay: Luther Bhogal-Jones, Gabrielle Wright / Starring: Sarah Williams, Nick Holiday, Andrew Calverley

Short Film: PATRON

Vickie Black is young and hungry, though working as a maid in London, she has her sights set far higher – After successfully landing an interview for a prestigious job at an age-old, unscrupulous organisation it looks like Vickie might be on the verge of hitting the big time. Vickie goes in positive, but the questions from her faceless male interviewers soon become predatory, the atmosphere growing more awkward and uncomfortable by the minute. As the interview takes its toll, Vickie reaches breaking point, if her spirit is to survive this encounter she must undergo an abstract and radical physical transformation.

Directors: Emily Haigh, Alon Young / Screenplay: Alon Young / Starring: Mhairi Calvey, Jamie Lee-Hill

Short Film: DEAD AIR

Dead Air is a Comedy Horror about ‘Monster Kitten’ – an all female punk rock band – who get caught up in a fight with little gremlins in a plane at 30,000ft whilst heading to the last gig of their comeback tour.

Director: Geoff Harmer / Screenplay: Peter Hearn / Starring: Stacy Hart, Kate Davies-Speak, Charlie Bond, Johanna Stanton, Dan Palmer, David Schaal, James Hamer-Morton


Ivy has secluded herself to playing video games after losing her job. An accident leads her to awaken in one of the video games she plays, with her only clues of escape being the unfamiliar doors between the worlds and a mysterious world-jumper. Ivy has to overcome countless enemies only this time there are no resets, no pause menus and no continues.

Director & Screenplay: Zak Wundowa / Starring: Jessica Jayne Harney, Louis Brogan, Hayley Russel, Dru Jones

Short Film: BLACK MASS

A short film about depression that tells the story of a bereaved family, a father and his two adopted daughters, as they try to come to terms with the loss of their mother; all while haunted by a dark presence known as Darkness. Writer and director Scott Lyus won the Best Short award at our 2018 festival for Echoes of the Passed.

Director & Screenplay: Scott Lyus / Starring: Johnny Vivash, Sophia Eleni. Charlie Bond, James Swanton

Short Film: SHINY DIAMONDS (World Premiere)

Valerie has a job to do, but Todd is playing games. And there is something lurking in the night that doesn’t like to lose. This will be the World Premiere of this short.

Co-produced by last year’s Best Feature Film winners, Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola (Clickbait)

Directors & Screenplay: Seth Chatfield,  Toni Nagy / Starring: Seth Chatfield,  Toni Nagy, Miriam Katz


There is something that comes after you die and before you meet your maker… Paperwork!

The Afterlife Bureau is a charming comedy short from the mind of writer/director Dimiter Dimitroff and producer Kaine Levy, which parodies the transition process after you die.

Director & Screenplay: Dimiter Dimiroff / Starring: Sue Appleby, Gordon Peaston, Richard Cunningham


Finn Galloway is a psychologist that has become obsessed with one of his patients, a young woman who had been terrified of a sinister owl-headed entity called the Owlman. His investigations bear little fruit until he learns of a former ballerina named Elisa Grey, who has sequestered herself at the Baldurrock Estate with only her guardian Lorena Velasco for company. Finn discovers that Elisa suffers from identical fears, which prompts him to begin treating her in hopes of uncovering the truth – only to find that this will likely bring him face to face with the terrifying Owlman.

Directed by Lawrie Brewster (Automata), this follow-up to his hit debut Lord of Tears will be screened in colour for the first time. Lawrie and writer Sarah Daly will be attending.


Poster art by Graham Humphreys